Designed for Corrosion Control


3C creates customer benefits by offering smart and reliable products. In-house product development puts focus on specialized functionality while the product range consists of standardized parts that let us customize optimized solutions.

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Thor control panel

Thor Control Unit

One Thor unit can control up to 20 rectifiers in constant current-, voltage- and potential mode. 
A total of 96 reference electrodes may be connected to the system.

The system in the standard version is operated from a local control panel. As an alternative, a remote system can be used.



Our range of rectifiers are developed for use with cathodic protection systems. By using switch mode technology, size and weight are kept low.

3C Switch mode rectifier
3C MMO Ti Disc anode


We supply impressed current MMO Ti anodes as well as sacrificial (galvanic) anodes in a variety of shapes to suit specific applications.


LC Probe and DataCell

The LC Probe was developed to detect local AC corrosion on buried pipelines. The DataCell advanced data logger has been developed to provide automated remote monitoring.


Both products are self contained with simple functionality -  reliable in rough environments.

* By Aegis

LC Probe
DataCell logger
3C Test post


We can help you with the whole range of services required for a successful corrosion protection system.

■   Conceptual and detailed design

■   Supply of components

■   Commissioning, world-wide

■   Periodic maintenance, world-wide
■   Long term agreements, world-wide: spares and maintenance​
■   Skilled engineers, to train your personnel in all aspects of equipment use     

3C corrosion control services